We are a group of committed visionaries who are working for the tangible manifestation of dreams. We are educators and environmental activists, artists, healers and entrepreneurs who, thinking of the younger and future generations, are working together to build a spiritual, social and ecologically sustainable present and future.


We work as a self-organized tribal group, voluntarily and cooperatively, seeking to change human awareness and attitudes towards Mother Earth, the original indigenous cultures, natural resources and all living beings.


The Vision Council is a kaleidoscope of diverse organizations and individuals that work in different social, ecological and spiritual areas. We believe that only by integrating many complementary visions will we create comprehensive and sustainable proposals applicable at the local, bioregional and global levels.


Under the banner of “Guardians of the Earth”, we rely more on proposals than protests; we prefer be proactive, than “against” something, we prefer to propose and co-create, rather than destroy... This is the basis and inspiration for the “Ecotopia” understood as a new alliance with life in full harmony with everything.




Awareness means dissolving the great illusions of daily alienation. The evolutionary journey through stages and cultures, despite its great achievements, has allowed humanity to be seduced by false promises, materialism, individualism and destructive mercantile concepts of progress that decimate the economy of our people.


Beyond all radicalism, the “Vision Council” lifestyle, interests and activities are to a large degree, an answer to the urgent demand presented by the current issues that humanity is facing ... a sort of awakening to the clarity of how we really want to live... and every day on this journey we are more and more awake, we are unifying people in peace around the globe.


We realize that regardless of race, gender, age, nationality, religion or political affiliation, deep down we all want the same thing: to reestablish ecology, peace, health, justice, equality and freedom…. to co-create a world where we can all live fulfilled lives in total connection with ourselves, nature and our kind.


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